Is spending $ 130 to buy the MagSafe Duo charger a smart choice?

Thứ hai - 12/04/2021 13:49
Is spending $ 130 to buy the MagSafe Duo charger a smart choice?

Apple cleverly included the iFan in the charger matrix; charger cord; MagSafe Duo wireless chargers cost us money; to charge your device only.

Recently Apple made a surprise announcement about MagSafe returning to the iPhone 12. Although the MagSafe Duo charger is not purely AirPower; but a charging accessory for the iPhone 12; and Apple Watch at the same time.

This is clearly an attractive proposition; because the magnets in MagSafe keep the device in place. And according to the latest announcement MagSafe is priced at 130 USD.

Is the $ 130 price for the MagSafe Duo charger really reasonable? Let's dissect this issue.

MagSafe Duo

Firstly; Wireless chargers don't have to be pretty; but cost 130 USD; hope to receive something "not too eye-catching". Unfortunately; MagSafe Duo design is pretty bad.

Monday; can only charge 2 devices. With that money; Mophie's 3-in-1 charging dock can be purchased; retails for $ 140 but also allows for AirPods charging.

Tuesday; it won't simply be $ 130. Because it comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable. A USB-C charger will be required. Apple will want you to pay another $ 20; for a total amount of 150 USD.

MagSafe Duo

And look back; Regular MagSafe chargers cost 40 USD. Apple Watch charger; USB-A or USB-C port; cost 30 USD. And keep in mind that the Apple Watch also comes with a charger in the box. If you add a charger for each one, it costs $ 110; But theoretically you only pay 70 USD.

MagSafe chargers usually don't work with Apple Watch; but you already bought a MagSafe charger and USB-C charger for $ 60, and just adding a $ 30 Apple Watch charger can charge both devices. The difference is 60 USD; about 1.4 million dong. Sure; MagSafe Duo is said to be more convenient in terms of portability; but obviously it saves a lot of money and still has enough cables; and the charger in my pocket.

However; there are some problems. Because MagSafe Duo cannot be glued to iPhone 12; and use at the same time as the MagSafe charger. Compared to "portability" one charging cable is more than enough for all kinds of problems.

MagSafe Duo

And the above costs do not include MagSafe case; retail price of 50 USD. Price plus charger; and the charger is 110 USD. Once again; if you have an Apple Watch; No need to buy another charger or charger. This smartwatch comes with its own charger; and have a compatible charger.

Anyway; If you are a fan of Apple and the economy is abundant; Buy a genuine charger accessory set as a hobby. Anything left; Please choose to be a smart consumer.

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